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SEO the Way SEO Agents Do It, Step By Step

Search Engine Optimization is not as simple as writing a few articles that contain keywords and posting them around.  SEO marketing firms need extensive experience on the best SEO techniques to apply to your particular business.  The market, interests and internet are also constantly changing and to stay effective, search engine marketing agencies also need to constantly change their strategies and techniques.  To improve a business’s online ratings effectively takes a lot of hard and consistent work and NYC SEO companies have to do consistent evaluations to ensure that their techniques are still working.

What exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that search engine optimization companies use to improve a company’s traffic and especially a company’s ratings on Google.  The reason why high Google ratings are so important is because Google’s search engine result list is created according to the ratings of a website. The higher your ratings are, the higher you will appear on the list and the greater your chances will be of receiving more traffic.   Google considers several aspects of your company when it is rated such as popularity, visibility, website appearance and interest in your products.

The first thing SEO agencies in NYC do is investigate

  • Search engine marketing firmshave to establish the health of your business first.  They will check where you are listed on the search engine results, how much traffic you are receiving to your website and how many times your company’s name, products or services are mentioned on social sites. This will give the SEO Company a good idea of what they are dealing with.
  • The Search marketing companywill then research what the keywords are that clients are most likely to use when they are looking for your company, services or products.  A list of keywords will be established and this list will become the foundation on which the marketing strategy is built.

Next, SEO companies in NYC will create a marketing strategy

A lot of experience is required to create a good and effective marketing strategy.  SEO companies in NYC need to know which strategies will work and which ones probably will not.  They will also focus on the leading strategies to help boost your business as quickly and effectively as possible.

It is time for SEO companies in New York to take action

If the marketing strategy looks good, the SEO firm in NYC will get to work to transform your business.  SEO is not done overnight.  An effective SEO plan can take a few months before true results will be seen because a lot of work is involved in the process.

The main SEO techniques that are used for most businesses

There are more than 100 different SEO techniques and methods that SEO agencies in New York use and apply to promote a business.  Google Analytics has shown that only a few of these techniques create tremendous differences in the traffic allocated to websites and a website’s Google ratings.  These techniques are:

Website design– Your web design and functionality plays a huge role in the popularity of your business.  The first thing that most SEO companies will do is see if they can improve your website to be modern and appealing to your target audience.  The website also should not contain too much junk articles and the information that users are looking for should be easy to find.

Keyword research – The right keywords can direct anyone from anywhere to your site.  Keywords are used in website content, blog articles, SEO articles, guest posts and in general adverts to direct clients to your products and services and to help them locate you much faster on Google.

Social media promotion – Social media is the most affordable and effective way to promote a business.  SEO companies will transform your company’s social pages and load it with fun and engaging content, adverts and information that communicate with clients.  The better the adverts are, the more likely it is that one of your clients will share the information on their pages or like the adverts.

Backlink Creation – Backlinks are implemented in SEO articles, guest posts and social media adverts.  These backlinks are placed strategically in informative articles that prick the interest of internet users.  Users who want to find out more about a certain product or service will click on these backlinks and be directed right back to your website.  Backlinks can greatly improve your traffic and is the main reason why so many companies are investing so much in SEO articles.

Blogs – Blogs are fantastic for capturing the attention of readers and keeping your clients coming back. It is also the best way to improve your ratings because blogs can be updated much easier than websites and the information can help your clients a lot. Blog articles supply clients with valuable product and service information, but great care needs to be taken when these articles are written since they should stay as informative and interesting as possible or there is no way users will click on backlinks found in these blogs to be directed to your website.

Analytics and data analysis

Once the SEO firm has started their SEO campaigns they will do frequent analytic and data analysis to determine if the techniques are effective.  Ineffective techniques will then be scrapped for other techniques, while more focus will be placed on techniques that have a positive outcome.

SEO is an ongoing process

Once your company receives a good and popular rating, the SEO level will help maintain traffic, but you will still have to maintain certain SEO techniques or you will slide right back to your old position.  Clients only maintain interest in products for as long as these products look fresh and interesting and the only way to keep your website on the tippy top of the Google’s list is to keep your SEO services going for as long as your business is operational.  Many SEO companies created monthly packages for exactly this reason and the packages are often quite affordable when all the hard work is taken into consideration. We consider ourselves a one of a kind SEO Company with custom solutions