SEO Services

Micrositez Digital SEO NYC is a full-service Web company specializing in solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and is based in New York.

We provide a range of web services – from standard web designer services to more complex site solutions and services, such as eCommerce or database driven solutions and services. Above all, providing our clients with an affordable but effective solution is paramount. We are also able to redesign and update existing web pages, produce a website from a web template you may have, or redesign an existing website.

Our Professional SEOs eagerly help small businesses and individual clients all over the world to establish or maintain a professional internet presence. Micrositez Digital strives to create professional web sites that will effectively promote our clients’ products or services to their target audience. Our eye-catching and professional web site designs give the small business owner the power to compete with big businesses!

Collectively the department heads at Micrositez Digital SEO NYC have been designing web pages for over 2 years and have learned that ease-of-use, logical site architecture, search engine optimization, and appealing design are the cornerstones of a successful website. Micrositez Digital possesses all the resources you’ll need to accomplish your web design needs, including:

Copywriting and editing services
Image, identity and branding creation, promotion and refurbishment services
Effective information organization strategies
Expertise in site navigation design and usability
Design skills tailored to your tastes and the needs and sensibilities of your users
 SEO NYC Services
Update and redesigns of existing web designs.